Gifts for the Wedding Party: Personalized Coasters

Personalized Coasters Wedding GiftsWithout a doubt, we want something interesting and unique to give the various people in our wedding party. Yes, we are talking about our attendants, like the groomsmen and bridesmaids. But, there are plenty of other people who deserve a little recognition.

The mothers of the bride and groom have played a huge part in the planning of the wedding. For some, both of the mothers were the reason the wedding planning worked. If you have people like ring-bearers and flower girls, a little nod to them is a nice touch.

I love the idea of using some thing personal and special for them even at the reception. That’s where personalized coasters come into the picture. The coasters can have just their name, or function like a name card at the reception table.

Imagine your entire head table set with personalized coasters. The bride and groom attendants have their place, marked by a coaster just for them. Then the parents get their special place. And anybody extra knows exactly where to sit.

When my own daughter, a unique bride herself, was married, she didn’t want a big head table. To honor the special people in her wedding, we placed personalized coaster at the other tables for those people.

Yes, it was amazing to hear all the delights of joy as special people found their coasters set at their places. It definitely made them feel recognized and appreciated for all they did. Even though my daughter was married a year ago, guests are still talking about the unique and charming coasters.

Plus, they have favors as reminders of how important they were for her wedding. These are not expensive coasters. So you can give that little extra thank you to those extra people. We all like to be appreciated for what we do, and personalized coasters as wedding party gifts is a simple, but delightful idea.


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